Martha Tilaar Shop to Launch Its Brand New Concept Outlet, The Emerald Green


February marked an important moment for one of Martha Tilaar Group’s unit businesses, PT Tara Parama Semesta, for they have just launched its new concept of Martha Tilaar Shop’s outlet which is under their management. The Emerald Green became the new concept that was chosen and is the fourth concept of Martha Tilaar Shop since the first time it was established in 1993. What’s the meaning of Martha Tilaar Shop The Emerald Green? 

As the information, when the first time it was open, Martha Tilaar Shop was originally named Total Beauty. It was located at Blok M Mall and inaugurated by the DKI Jakarta Governor, Dr. Soejardi Soedirdja, on September 4, 1993. The name Total Beauty didn’t last long because at that time our government issued a ban to foreign terms. Total Beauty was then replaced with Puri Ayu. 

Puri Ayu was officially established in 1996. The name was inspired by one of Martha Tilaar Group’s brands, Sariayu. Until 2007, Puri Ayu grew rapidly and had 18 outlets in leading malls in the capital city. In 2008, Martha Tilaar Group decided to change Puri Ayu concept into something more dynamic to keep up the era. With that, the name of the outlet was also changed to Martha Tilaar Shop (MTS).

Now Martha Tilaar Shop has 8 outlets. With a desire to always develop its business and to give the best for its customers, one of Martha Tilaar Shop’s outlets in Mall Karawaci comes with a new interior design concept, complete with facility and service. Martha Tilaar Shop itself has been present in Karawaci since 2004.

New Year, New Face 

On February 15, 2024, Martha Tilaar Group started the year by presenting a new concept, The Emerald Green. “The Emerald Green” is an idealist project of Martha Tilaar Shop to participate in the sustainable beauty movement. With the new concept, Martha Tilaar Shop wants to make sure that the activity of Martha Tilaar Group always pays attention to sustainability and the preservation of nature. This is in line with 2 out of 4 pillars of Martha Tilaar Group’s philosophy, Beauty Green and Beauty Culture. 

The Emerald Green concept is inspired by the stunning beauty of Indonesia’s green natural expanse which is like an emerald stone that we call the Emerald of Equator, which covers forest, mountains, and savanna. The beauty of the Emerald Green color dominates Martha Tilaar Shop’s interior. The combination of bronze and dark green gives a calm forest nuance. Meanwhile, a touch of orange, a color trend of 2024, gives touch of an energic vibe. This combination of bronze, orange, dark green, and white shelves creates a calm and peaceful, yet creative ambiance that is hoped will add convenience and a pleasant shopping experience for Martha Tilaar Shop’s customers. 

Now Martha Tilaar Shop is also carrying the hashtag Local Squad, where it presents various best local products which are not only from Martha Tilaar Group, but also from other local brands that have cooperative relationships with PT Cedefindo, a manufacturing company from Martha Tilaar Group. This strategy is expected to provide many choices to customers and introduce more of Indonesia's beauty products that in terms of quality, can compete with foreign brands.