The Importance of Loyalty to Overcoming Challenges


Her name is Lestari or you can call her Tari. This December Inspiring People is a QA Manager of PT Cedefindo, a toll-manufacturing company that included in one of Martha Tilaar Group’s unit businesses. As a QA Manager, she responsibles to consistantly ensures good quality of products from product control before delivery process, procedure suitability in product making, to ISO and SJH Certification Compliance. With her hard work, she appointed as leader in international standard certification like ISO 9001, ISO14001, ISO 22716 and Halal Certification System for PT Cedefindo, and also in charge for external audit process.

Her achievments during 11 years of dedication in PT Cedefindo are not challenge-free, otherwise she face many of it. One of those is when she and her team should handle many clients. “PT Cedefindo has so many range of clients, from individuals like artists, bloggers, influencer, doctors, entrepreneurs, to multinational companies who has different needs and not infrequently contrary,” said Tari, she continues, “How we overcome it, of course we will stand on client’s feets and characters, but still cling to our standard procedure. We try to be flexible, could be “loose” or “tight”, depends on the clients we handle and by calculating the risks.”

Along with flexibility, Tari also encourage her team to always learn and involved in the field. “Involved in the process will help us to understand the progress itself or the lack. Last but not least, we should never fell too proud to admit our mistakes and willing to learn so it won’t happen again,” she explains.

Tari feels grateful for her team, even though they often have contrary argument in doing their job, but they still get along in their social life. Their good relationship leads them to sense of belonging and loyalty in team work. According to her, the more challenging the tasks, loyalty and antusiasm are the key to succeed, for it will leads everyone to feel more responsible and put their best effort for their work and company. Just like good team work, good relationship also an inseparatable factor in company chain.