To Live Dream Job is Not Impossible


After more than 15 years of work in Martha Tilaar Group, this year Sudar finally chosen as the employee of the year. Although his experiences and career path in Martha Tilaar Group is full of ups and down, but Sudar is a real example of how profesionalisme, resilient, and dedication could deliver us to successful.

Sudarno or used to call Sudar at first work in Martha Tilaar Group as office boy (letter messenger) in Art division. Seeing lot of new things in the division, he feels interested to increase his skill. Realizes that he is going to need so many thing to prepare, Sudar took his initiative to take a computer and design graphic course in one institute in Rawamangun. 

His dilligent, spirit, and resilient to work with DJITU pholosophy, he finally reach his dream job. Now he is a Supervisor Art Graphic Designer, Photography & Videography team. According to him, this profession is really suitable for his passion. “Maybe because this is my passion, so I could enjoy every task and work. If people would see what I do as a difficult thing, but not to me, it all fun. The poin is if we love what we do, love our job, everything hard will seems easier.” 

Throughout his career in MTG, Sudar already gives so many contributions that prove his dedication to the company. From PT Martina Berto to every business unit in MTG have felt his work of art. To Sudar, MTG is not just a place to work but also to learn and make friends. “I think MTG is like little Indonesia where there are so many variety of tribe, culture, belief, language, but no conflict will set us down, in the other hand it becomes our power in building Martha Tilaar Group. We work in such wonderful togetherness here.”

What makes Sudar feel more excited about his job us that he is one of some people who can close enough to follow many activities of Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar and capture every precious moment of her, he is considering it as a gold opportunity.  No wonder if Sudar call himself as ‘Kang Kepri’ or Tukang Jepret Pribadi (personal photographer) for Dr. Martha. Not only for local event, he sometimes fly abroad to documenting some events. “I feel so lucky that the company sometimes giving me a chance to take a foreign trip, like Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Hongkong, and Korea,” he says. “I also once get scholarship from company and take marketing management class in STIE Kampus Ungu.” 

Travelling abroad and becoming Dr. Martha personal photographer doesn’t make Sudar’s work scoop is always light and easy, but full of challenges he needs to overcome in smart way. One of his experiences is when he was given a task to make Berto Extract logo and company profile for an exhibition in Germany. A super tight deadline makes the task a little bit challenging for him but with his DJITU attitude and advises from his boss, the project can be done perfectly. Several days after the event, he is being called by Dr. Martha, she really likes his work and motivate him to learn and work better. He felt honored. For him, it’s an unforgetable appreciation.  

Dr.(H.C) Martha Tilaar is considered as an inspiring role model to Sudar. She always motivate him to be a DJITU achiever who apply 3C (Connect, Collaboration, Compete). He believe, to be a succesful person, he can’t move by himself but to connect with everybody from another department, and collaborate to keep the competitiveness. Beside Dr. Martha, another role model to Sudar is S.B Wahyudi, the first man who gave him his trust to make his first design. Yudi’s trust and support becomes motivation to Sudar to keep on learning and do his best work. He commit to not to let anybody down. What most important for him is to give the best, not only to his role models but of course for MTG.

“I really grateful that I chosen as the best employee. I hope that I could always give good contribution to Martha Tilaar Group in the future through designs, photos, and videos. In this digital era, I think I still have to explore more of videography and Digital Imaging thingy so I could produce better work for brand and corporate.”

All appreciations, compliments, and wonderful skill will not make Sudar feel vainglorious. He still a humble, inspiring and earthy man.