It's Important to Work with Passion, Sincerity and Heart


Since March 6, 1990, Darsan Fauzi has joined and become a part of Martha Tilaar Group big family. His dedication and loyalty are real exemplary achievement. In this Sharing Corner rubric, Darsan will share his stories and experiences at this company.

“It’s been 26 years I stay and be part of PT Martina Berto Tbk. I remember started my career from low level of employee. In this company, I see all employees have same opportunity to study, improve their work, and make a great achivement. Company really give its support so the employees could grow as professional in his field. Not only that, the company also pay attention to employee’s welfare, from provide healthy loan, education loan, home renovation loan, to family business loan. These are some reasons that make me put my loyalty too, to devote and manage my career until now.

Work environment in PT Martina Berto Tbk is really kinship and harmonious, almost without gap between every level of employee and even the directors. In every occasion, we can get along together, mingle, and do some casual brainstorming. For some people, this situation might just a trivial thing, but to me, that means a lot. If we feel comfortable with our work environment and those who involve in it, we could do our work happily and passionately.

Another things that makes me happy are various activities that held for the employees such as Family Gathering, Employee Gathering, Emergency Team, 5R Team, P2KP Team, Team Building Workshop or SMK Team. I personally involved oftenly in the activity comitee. This is absolutely a fun thing to do because it means that my co-workers and the company put the trust in me to run a role and responsibility. In the other side, I also had a chance to learn so many new things.

One of my unforgetable experiences is that I once chosen as one of the best employee nominee on the celebration of 45th anniversary of Martha Tilaar Group last 2015. I really had no idea. I just work with all my heart, but then if my dedication received an appreciation, it’s trully an honor to me.

Many people asked, how can I be so loyal to this company in such long period? Well, to me, wherever we work, to grow an empathy and self of belonging to company are the most important things we should do in order to work with our heart. Probably there are some people who considering DJITU, the principle of Dr. Martha Tilaar, just like ordinary word, but to me it is a principle in work. I believe if we work with passion, honesty, sincerity, and good intention, we not only will get His bless and protection, but we also will give our best contribution for the company and co-workers.”