Inspired by Eastern values, Founder and Chairwoman of Martha Tilaar Group, DR (H.C.) Martha Tilaar, always plan to develop Indonesian nature and culture, and to beautify women in Indonesian as well as the world. It is applied through the 4 pillars of Martha Tilaar Group which become the foundation in every activity and every step of company’s business units.

Beauty Culture

Martha Tilaar Group is all about preserving Indonesian culture. This concern is shown through creating annual Sariayu Colour Trend. Since 1987, the colour trend has become the center of Indonesia’s make up industry.

Aside from the color trend, the support in Indonesian creative and cultural industry can be seen through the group’s participations at events such as Jember Fashion Carnaval (JFC) and the usage of SPA Indonesian concept to facilitate mind and body refreshment, which in turn become the realization of beauty culture.

Beauty Education

Martha Tilaar Group believes that sharing knowledge to those who are interested in the beauty industry is one effort to beautify Indonesian and international women. To achieve the goal of the effort, Martha Tilaar Group is sharing beauty education by building schools and training centers, holding beauty classes as well as working together with educational institutions and the government to enhance the knowledge of Indonesian people, especially women, about natural beauty.

Puspita Martha International Beauty School is producing professional workers which are not only able to create jobs for themselves, but also open new jobs for others. Beauty class covers step-by-step make up tutorial, motivation and personality training, fashion as well as entrepreneurship. Martha Tilaar Group works together with Universitas Indonesia to create Master Degree program in Herbal so that Indonesia, as a country blessed with nature wealth second only to Brazil, can have a leading herbal industry which in turn will result in increasing the country’s income. Since 2007, Sariayu and the Ministry of Research and Technology have been holding Martha Tilaar Innovation Center (MTIC) Award. It’s an appreciation for research and research papers which take nature’s role in beauty and health as the topic.

Beauty Green

The real beauty comes from the heart. One of the beauties comes in form of environmental care. Believing in that, Martha Tilaar Group has a commitment to preserving and protecting the green living for a better future. One of the efforts is building Kampoeng Djamoe Organik (KaDO) in 1997. KaDO is an area built on 10ha open field in the middle of Cikarang industrial zone, dedicated to Indonesian herbal, cosmetic and aromatic plants (TOKA) conservation. This visionary movement of DR. (H.C.) Martha Tilaar has sparked attention from the United Nations and received an award from the United Nations Global Compact.

Not only a tourist attraction, KaDO has also given training for organic farmers in Indonesia and provided them with education and practice about organic farming from soil development, seed, and harvest to production and distribution of the crops

Martha Tilaar Group implements Green Science, a concept from Sariayu Putih Langsat (white beauty) products. This concept covers 4 ideas tied to environment preservation: Green Resources (organic ingredients usage), Green Development (environmentally friendly development process), Green Process (safe, efficient and environmentally friendly production process) and Green Output (safe and environmentally friendly result product). Martha Tilaar Group has committed to promoting environment preservation with WWF Indonesia. For each purchase of Sariayu Colour Trend, costumers are contributing to Indonesian environment preservation.

Empowering Woman

Martha Tilaar Group owns women empowerment programs comprised of support and training.

  • Jamu Gendong program delivers training to women working as jamu gendong sellers.
  • Creative Independent Women program delivers training to women residing in area which was hit by natural disasters.
  • Miss Indonesia program is a role model search, which candidate should be beautiful, smart and care about her surroundings.
  • Martha Tilaar Training Center is a spa worker training center in Cikarang aimed at preventing young women to be caught into women trafficking happened in poor and underdeveloped area.
  • As real form to give contribution to Indonesia, Roemah Martha Tilaar is running its function as one of the best and trusted places in Gombong to develop and empower the community.