Martha Tilaar Group has developed its corporate branding management by regarding Martha Tilaar as a “home brand merk”, from which the name NET – I3 arising. NET stands for Natural, Eastern, Technology; I3 stands for Icon, Innovation and Institution.

The concept of NET highlights the uniqueness of the brand and business development concept, whereas its product range is enriched with eastern traditional values and is designed by the use of modern technology. The company strongly believes that the concept implementation benefits Martha Tilaar Group in gaining its competitive advantage in both local and global cosmetic industry. More than that the concept is objected to benefit the stakeholders, shareholders, employees, end consumers and the community as a whole.


Nature of a person’s beauty is like a flower that bursts each of its unique heavenly spirit from within, generating a perfect outer elegance and energizing the surroundingornare.

The Indonesian archipelago is enriched with various flourishing flora that is mutually integrating with the exotic cultures and ancient civilizations.

The Eastern Culture as multicultural in nature, is a blending of great world civilizations, perceives woman and beauty as a two-sided coin, whereas an everlasting natural beauty is a balance combination between inner and outer beauty.

Modern technology usage supports the experts in pouring any various ideas and innovations to create a design and high quality cosmetic products that hygienic

In ancient Javanese language, it is called Rupasampat Wahyabyantara. The concept of Rupasampat Wahyabyantara symbolized an ideal woman with the four handed Goddess Saraswati standing on a Lotus Flower. Her four hands are holding something that symbolic for knowledge, woman’s beauty, God’s faith, and harmony; whilst the Lotus Flower is a symbol of fortitude and moral strength.


refers to Martha Tilaar’s brand positioning as the icon of beauty and the image of Mrs. Martha Tilaar herself who has been highly respected as a woman icon of the world traditional beauty and fashion, a business-woman, a prominent figure in education and a social activist.

refers to the ability to continue developing its products and services as well as the Group’s proven record of stablishing a satisfying product line portfolio amongst the cosmetic industry; name them as Sariayu Martha Tilaar, Biokos Martha Tilaar and Dewi Sri Spa-Oil of Java Martha TIlaar.

refers to the Group’s success as a leading traditional cosmetic brand due to its capability of highly respecting professionalism and controlling the quality of its products and services.