Martha Tilaar Group Maintaining Good Relationship Through Ngabuburit Cantik

In order to maintain good relationship with local media, Martha Tilaar Group held Ngabuburit Catik during this Ramadan season. These local media, from print media, electronic media to online media, are really welcome for this visitation. At the same time, it is our pleasure to be able to come to come to Tabloid Wanita Indonesia, Viva News, Koran Sindo, RCTI, MNC TV, Majalah Kartini, SMN MNC, GTV, and Tabloid Nova’s office. So how is the event going?


sa ngabuburit


Ngabuburit is a common word that used by Indonesian when waiting for time to break the fast. Then according to the theme, Ngabuburit Cantik was held to fill the afternoon with light, fun, yet useful activity until time to break the fast come. In Ngabuburit Cantik, we inspire participants to understand the important of maintaining appeareance in daily life. Followed by around 40 participants in each media, Ngabuburit Cantik invites everyone to learn daily makeup and grooming. From face cleansing process, simple face massage, to makeup application, we glad to see all participants were enjoying this beauty activity. Ngabuburit Cantik ended with dinner and hospitality.  

“The aim of this event is actually not just to maintain good relationship with media fellows, but also as Martha Tilaar Group appreciation, especially PT Martina Berto Tbk, for their endless support. A s one of local industry who face challenges through the ages, we feel that support from local media is really important. They help us to survive and keep going to compete with international brands,” said Patricia Husada, General Marketing Manager of PT Martina Berto Tbk.