Corporate Social Responsibilty

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a fulfillment of company’s obligation to the customers, shareholders, employees, communities and surroundings. Based on that understanding, Martha Tilaar Group develops different CSR activities through the four pillars, creating an activity to support and complete one another. The CSR is aimed at putting together the ideas continuously for the company, partners and public.

Martha Tillaar CSR events include

  1. Organic Farming System Training
  2. Kalimantan Initiative
  3. Kampoeng Djamoe Organik (KaDO) Martha Tilaar Cikarang
  4. Tree-Planting Program
  5. Tjahaya Program
  6. Voluntary Day Soran Tourism Village
  7. Creative Economy Seminar for Earthquake victims in Pangalengan Bandung
  8. Jamu Gendong Festival
  10. PRAMA
  11. Social Service for Flood Victims
  12. Go Green Fair 2011
  13. Appreciation Event for Traditional Market Shopping Bag Carriers
  14. Research and Technology Competition – Martha Tilaar Innovation Center (MTIC) Award

Every year, there are routine CSR programs conducted by Martha Tilaar Group. These include Organic Farming System Training, Kampoeng Djamoe Organik (KaDO), Tree-Planting Program, Kalimantan Initiative, and others. However, there are other CSR programs that are incidentals and customized to specific needs such as collecting 40,000 books, Tjahaja Program, Appreciation Event for Traditional Market Shopping Bag Carriers and others. These CSR programs are evaluated at the end of the year with the objective of creating better programs in the following year.