The company was founded in 1977 by Dr. HC. Martha Tilaar, (Alm) Pranata Bernard, and Theresa Harsini Setiady. In 1981, the company established the first modern factory on Jl. Pulo Ayang No. 3, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, which produces cosmetics and herbs under the brand name "Sariayu Martha Tilaar" for the first time.

In 1986, the Company established a second modern factory on Jl. Pulo Kambing, Pulogadung Industrial Estate ("Pulo Goat Factory"). Due to rapid sales growth, in 1995, the company shifted herbal production to Gunung Putri, Bogor. While the Pulo Ayang factrory is transferred to a subsidiary, PT Cempaka Belkosindo Indah. It produces cosmetics under the brand name "Mirabella" and "Cempaka".

In 2005, PT Cempaka Indah Belkosindo merged with the company so that the brands "Mirabella" and "Cempaka" were also combined with production at Pulo Kambing factory. Furthermore, Pulo Ayang Factory is diverted and allows as a side sales office for the company's Distribution Center, located on Jl. Pulo Ayang No 24-25, Pulogadung Industrial Estate.

In 1993, the Company acquired PT Cedefindo, whose main line of business is the Manufacturing Contract (Makloon) in cosmetic products, as an expansion of the company's upstream business. Furthermore, the company sells factory assets at Gunung Putri and then continues to run the herbal medicine plant with lease agreements until the end of 2011.

the company's main activities are:

  • Producing cosmetics and traditional medicine (herbal medicine)
  • Marketing and Commerce cosmetics, beauty treatments and traditional medicinal merchandise.
  • In addition, the company has the support of business activities undertaken by its subsidiary, PT Cedefindo, which manufactures contract cosmetics or makloon with dry, semi-solid, liquid, and aerosol. In addition, it includes formulation services, registration, manufacture of raw materials / packaging, production process, packaging, and one-stop logistics services for internal Martha Tilaar Group and external to other companies.