Martha Tilaar Group Semarakan Hari Jadi dengan Gerakan 45 Hari Minum Jamu


To celebrate company’s 45th of anniversary that will be held on September 4, 2015, and also 70th Indonesia Independence Day, Martha Tilaar Group held a special event for its employees. This event begins on August 8, 2015, and opened with so many fun events like morning aerobic and hibiscus plantation in around Martha Tilaar Group’s office in Pulogadung, East Jakarta.

What interesting the most is there was also a ceremonial to start 45 Days of Herbal Drink Movement, Healthy Body Great Idea. This movement especially held for all Martha Tilaar Group employees so they could be the part of society who preserve herbal as one of Indonesia local heritage.

45 Days of Herbal Drink Movement started symbolically with drink herbal together in Martha Tilaar Group office. Lead by DR. Martha Tilaar, around 200 employees of Martha Tilaar Group follow this activity with enthusiast feeling. Besides, this ceremony also presented 15 herbalists in Indonesia.

“Thank you to all herbalists, the Kartini of Indonesia, who involve advancing Indonesia local heritage and also as the front guard of herbal preservation. By Paguyuban Laskar Jamu Indonesia that has been built on April, 2015, hopefully all the herbalists could develop their skill and innovation so herbal drink will recognized by the world as Indonesia heritage,” says DR. Martha Tilaar on her opening speech.