Full of Gratitude, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar Took 200 Orphanage for Holiday

As an expression of gratitude, last Saturday (09/09) Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar took 200 kids to have fun to Fantacy World, Jakarta. These kids are from four orphanages in Jakarta and Bekasi, Harapan Remaja Orphanage, Pondok Damai, Parapattan, and Keluarga Kasih, with them there are also some children of Martha Tilaar Group’s employee. 


hut dufan


In this occasion, kids are not only feel enthusiast to explore every rides, slides and so on in the theme park they never visit before, but they also come to give surprise for Dr. Martha . With an impression creativity, they are presenting art performance, from singing, dancing, to silat performance.    

To appreciate all those work from the kids, Dr. Martha gives some motivation speech to encourage them. “Indonesia children should have the spirit to create, to be something, should have DJITU character: disiplin (dicipline), jujur (honest), inovatif (innovative) and iman (faith), tekun (dilligent) and ulet (persistent). I wasn’t a clever kid like my sisters, but I never give up. I keep focus on what I can do and develop myself,” she says.