Coelogyne marthae Stamp in World Stamp Exhibition 2017

This year, Bandung was honored to host an international event, World Stamp Exhibition 2017. Involving 60 countries, this philately exhibition that held in Trans Convetion Centre Bandung exhibited thousand of stamp collection from all over the world such as Indonesia, United Kingdom, United States, Japan, Egypt, Monaco, Malaysia, China, Thailand, and so on. Not only to exhibit rare stamps, this exhibition also sells new stamp collections that enthused by the philatelists, including Indonesia Flower stamp series, with Coelogyne marthae orchid as one part of its series.


world stamp



What makes this Coelogyne marthae stamp really special? Coelogyne marthae is a rare orchid species from East Borneo which named after Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar, founder of Martha Tilaar Group. This name was given by The National Herbarium of the Netherlands for her contribution in natural preservation, especially orchid preservation. Beside that, this Coelogyne marthae stamp edition also printed as exclusive souvenir sheet which really enthused by the collector for this stamp edition was only printed 30.000 sheets. “Coelogyne marthae edition os one of our masterpiece that philatelists can get in this exhibition,” says Tata Sugiarta, Communication Marketing PT Pos Indonesia.

Not only rang by the enthusiasm of the philatelists who wants to hunt stamps, Martha Tilaar Innovation (MTIC)’s booth which pop up in the exhibition on August 3-7, 2017, also enlivened by the presence of Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar and Atalia Praratya, Head of Activator of Bandung Family Welfare Coaching. In MTIC booth, philatelists who bought Coelogyne marthae can get exclusive sign from Dr. Martha.