Inspiring People

Martha Tilaar Group is my second home and a great place to learn

Since 1996, Martha Tilaar Group has implementing ISO 9001 and 14001. Corporate System & Procedures Standardization Manager of Martha Tilaar Group, Anik Firdiyati, explained the crucial role of ISO for a company and how Martha Tilaar Group has implementing Quality Assurance System ISO 9001 and Environment Management System ISO 14001.

“When I was officially joined Martha Tilaar Group in 1995, the company has yet to implement ISO, but the process to obtain the certificate has already started and I was involved in the process. I joined Research & Development (R&D) of Packaging Materials & Finish Good at that moment. We prepared the guidance for materials, making new standards for packaging materials, etc. as a preparation for ISO 9001 certification.


It’s Important to Work with Passion, Sincerity, and Heart

“It’s been 26 years I stay and be part of PT Martina Berto Tbk. I remember started my career from low level of employee. In this company, I see all employees have same opportunity to study, improve their work, and make a great achivement. Company really give its support so the employees could grow as professional in his field. Not only that, the company also pay attention to employee’s welfare, from provide healthy loan, education loan, home renovation loan, to family business loan. These are some reasons that make me put my loyalty too, to devote and manage my career until now.