For Easier Application, Caring by Biokos Launched Automatic Eyeliner


For many of us, eyeliner is one of important parts of makeup. Not only to give firm impression to the eyes, but also to add face expression. Even so, not all woman are good in applying eyeliner. For those who rarely put eyeliner on, they usually had a difficult time when it comes to make a perfect eye line. So it’s true, practice makes perfect and what is also important is how we choose eyeliner product that fits to our needs. Caring by Biokos Automatic Eyeliner is a good option from Caring bi Biokos for you who looking for good quality eyeliner. Developed by the RnD team of Martha Tilaar, Caring by Biokos eyeliner has creamy texture, great pigmentation, and also automatic pencil tip. Only need one scratch to get one perfect line. Easy application of Caring by Biokos Automatic Eyeliner will make whoever use it feel comfortable, especially first timer. This eyeliner completed with smudger and sharpener. Not only function as corector, the smudger also can be used to create smokey eyes by swiping it smoothly through the eyeliner. Smokey eyes makeup will instantly make your look looks more stunning.