Welcome to Martha Tilaar Group

Martha Tilaar Group begins from a small beauty salon established by DR. (H.C.) Martha Tilaar at a garage sized 4x6 meter in 1970.


The company was founded in 1977 by Dr. HC. Martha Tilaar, (the late) Pranata Bernard, and Theresa Harsini Setiady.

In 1981, the company established the first modern factory on Jl. Pulo Ayang No. 3, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, which manufactures cosmetics and herbal medicine with brand "Sariayu-Martha Tilaar" for the first time.

In 1986, the Company established a second modern factory on Jl. Pulo Kambing, Pulogadung Industrial Estate ("Pulo Kambing Factory").




What's News

  • Martha Tilaar Group Hold Mass Exodus For Its Employee

    Idul Fitri is one the most anticipated moments for moslem, including moslem employees in Martha Tilaar Group. Idul Fitri, or common said with Lebaran day, is a victorious moment for moslem to celebrate and also time for them to gather with family at home or hometown. To fasilitate the employee who wants to celebrate Idul Fitri in their hometown, Martha Tilaar Group held mass exodus, Musik (Mudik Asyik).

  • Martha Tilaar Group To Launch The 2nd G Challenges Book

    For bussines sustainability, inheritage the throne to the second generation is a regular decision in a family company. Even though, this leadership shifting is not always an easy option to do for the second generation. Inspired by this fact, on June 27, 2016, Martha Tilaar Group has launched its latest book called The 2nd G Challenges. This book talked about how the second generation leader of family company could reach a sustainable succeed.

mtg ebook 460


mtg ebook 460