Welcome to Martha Tilaar Group

Martha Tilaar Group begins from a small beauty salon established by DR. (H.C.) Martha Tilaar at a garage sized 4x6 meter in 1970.


In 1981, the company called PT. Martina Berto was founded by Dr. HC. Martha Tilaar, (the late) Pranata Bernard, and Theresa Harsini Setiady, established the first modern factory on Jl. Pulo Ayang No. 3, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, which manufactures cosmetics and herbal medicine with brand "Sariayu-Martha Tilaar" for the first time.


In 1986, the Company established a second modern factory on Jl. Pulo Kambing, Pulogadung Industrial Estate ("Pulo Kambing Factory").



What's News

  • Culture Inheritance Preservation Through Laskar Jamu Gendong Festival

    Last week (21/4), coincide with Kartini Day, Martha Tilaar Group contributed in supporting Laskar Wanita Jamu Gendong Festival that held by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). This support is also as Martha Tilaar Group’s way to give real contribution in Indonesia culture and tradition preservation and women empowerment,

  • To Celebrate World Book Day, Let’s Take a Sneak Peak of Dr. Martha Tilaar’s Book

    To celebrate World Book Day (23/4), it is a good idea to spare your time to read your favorite book. Whatever the genre is, fiction, science, biography or anything else, choose book that will give yo pleasure time, inspirations, and idea. One recomended book you can read today is Beautifying Indonesia What’s Next from Jessica Huwae. This 121 pages book talks about the persistency of Dr. Martha as the Founder of Martha Tilaar Group, in building and maintaining her company.

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