Welcome to Martha Tilaar Group

Martha Tilaar Group begins from a small beauty salon established by DR. (H.C.) Martha Tilaar at a garage sized 4x6 meter in 1970.


In 1981, the company called PT. Martina Berto was founded by Dr. HC. Martha Tilaar, (the late) Pranata Bernard, and Theresa Harsini Setiady, established the first modern factory on Jl. Pulo Ayang No. 3, Pulogadung Industrial Estate, which manufactures cosmetics and herbal medicine with brand "Sariayu-Martha Tilaar" for the first time.


In 1986, the Company established a second modern factory on Jl. Pulo Kambing, Pulogadung Industrial Estate ("Pulo Kambing Factory").



What's News

  • To Optimize Corporate Relationship, Martha Tilaar Group’s Business Unit Built Collaboration

    As the company umbrella of many unit businesses, Martha Tilaar Group always feel the needs to push and encourage collaboration and connection between its unit business. The objection is to boost the synergy between them that will bring positive impact for the company. To start the collaboration, Martha Tilaar Group regurarly hold a trisemester gathering that attended by all unit business

  • Srikandi Award 2018 to Honor Achievers Indonesian Women

    For her contribution and dedication in beauty, culture and environment preservation, Founder of Martha Tilaar Group, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar is often receive an appreciation. Although this award is never be her main goal when doing a mission or develop an innovation, but this appreciation still prove her commitment in giving the real benefits to Indonesia. Talking about an appreciation, Srikandi Award 2018 is becoming the first award she received this year.

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