Keeping Kartini’s Spirit Alive


Established for more than 50 years, Martha Tilaar Group has always tried to carry out activities and programs in line with the spirit of Beautifying Indonesia which is based on 4 company pillars, namely Beauty Green, Beauty Culture, Beauty Education & Empowering Women.

Of the four pillars, empowering women has a personal closeness with the founder and chairwoman of MTG, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar because in her life's journey and in her struggle to build a business, she is directly in contact with this matter.

Therefore, through its business units, whether Martha Tilaar Salon Day Spa, Kampoeng Djamoe Organic, or Roemah Martha Tilaar, Martha Tilaar Group consistently try to provide training for women so that they can work to produce something of value. 

In commemoration of Kartini Day, we want to remind the importance of the role of women. In an era like now, women are no longer oppressed and have a voice. Women are able to raise their heads and stand on their own feet or in the sense of not being dependent on other people.

She and Martha Tilaar Group believe that in terms of education, achievements, and abilities, women can be juxtaposed with men. This can be proven in our place where MTG gives trust and opportunity to women to become division heads (Corporate, Martha Tilaar Shop, Martha Tilaar Salon Day Sa, Puspita Martha, Creative Style, Martha Tilaar Innovation Centre). Likewise, the head of the factory, which is usually handled by men, at Martha Tilaar Group can be handled by women with tenderness and firmness. Their leadership also synergizes well with their male subordinates and employees who do not mind being led by women and recognize that women have the ability and potential to lead and carry out great responsibilities. This is only a small part of our contribution to women but we hope this can help them to shine and show the world that women can do great things if you believe them, empower them and treat them right. 

On this special occasion, we are happy to inform you that as of today, 19th April 2021, has signed the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEPs) by UN Women and UN Global Compact. We believe that business sector has a key role to play in breaking down barriers to gender equality and driving progress for women. By becoming a WEPs signatory, we are committed to empower women across value chain, in the workplace, marketplace, and community.  

By becoming part of the WEPs community, companies can analyze their current initiatives, set benchmarks and reporting practices, and tailor gender-responsive practices to realize women’s empowerment.  As of today, 63 Indonesian companies have signed the WEPs and more are expected to join. Martha Tilaar Group encourages other Indonesian companies to join us in advancing gender equality and become a part of WEPs community. 

We also hope that the celebration of Kartini Day and being a part of WEPs community could be a moment for us to continue to fight for women's rights to be equal and empowered, and to open more chance and opportunities for women to maximize their potential. And all of that would not have been possible without the support and participation of each and every one of us. Happy Kartini Day!