PT Martina Barto Tbk Gives Appreciation to Its Employees and Scholarship


On previous Friday (4/12), PT Martina Barto Tbk handed loyalty appreciation to its employees who has been working in the company for some period years. Employees who received an appreciation from Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar and Martha Tilaar Group’s management are those employees who dedicate their work from 5 to 35 years. The appreciation is given symbolically by Dr. Martha herself.

“I’m so grateful for your loyalty to this company. With your dedication, this company could survive to face challenges. Therefor, thank you for you good performance through the years,” said Dr. Martha on her speech.

After giving her appreciation to all employee representative, Dr. Martha also handed scholarships to employee’s children with good achievements. This annual scholarships are received by some of childrens representation. Through this appreciation and scholarship, Martha Tilaar Group wants to encourage these kids to reach their best achievements.