Break World Record, Martha Tilaar Group Supports Poco-poco Mass Dance

Last Sunday (5/08), Indonesia hit new history in breaking Poco-poco dance world record. Held coincides with car free day moment, this record breaking event that organized by goverment and followed by 65.000 participants from various institutions, such as Indonesia National Troop, Indonesia Police, students, and companies like Martha Tilaar Group. The attendance of President Joko Widodo with First Lady Iriana Joko Widodo.

On that day, all participant looked synchronize in red-white outfit. Full of joy and excitement, they followed 1.500 instructors who leads the dance. Their harmony really represent the unity of Indonesian people. This Poco-poco world record breakage started since 06.00 WIB in Silang Monas to M.H Thamrin, Central Jakarta. Participants should dance for 20 minutes to break the record.




This world record breakage for Poco-poco dance was really amazing and Martha Tilaar Group feels honored to be a part of this event. Preserving Indonesia culture including national dance Poco-poco so people and especially the world notice about Indonesia culture is a good intention that aligned to Martha Tilaar Group’s pillars, Beauty Culture, to preserve Indonesia culture in its every program and activity. Therefor, through this Poco-poco world record, Martha Tilaar Group fully suppored FOKB (Indonesia Culture Art Sport Federation) and Ministry of Sport as an effort to show the world our identity that will unite the nation.


Not only held to celebrate 73th anniversary of Indonesia, this event also held to enliven Asian Games 2018 in Palembang and Jakarta which will officially held on August 18th. In this prestigious, Martha Tilaar Group through Sariayu and Puspita Martha International Beauty School will involve as official makeup and hair do team to all performers that will support opening and closing ceremony Asian Games 2018.