Warm Meeting of Two Jamu Enthusiasts

In that one fine morning, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar dressed up well and ready to welcome one special guest at her home. Indonesia snack and a pot of warm tea are prepared to accompany their meeting. It didn’t take a long time to wait, it was 09.30 AM when her guest finally arrived. She is Shobibah Rohmah, the wife of Indonesia Minister of Youth and Sports Imam Nahrawi. They warmly greet each other before heading to the living room.


penggemar jamu


“You look so fresh and healthy, what’s your secret?” Shobibah asked. “I always try to live possitive life and drink jamu,” Dr. Martha answered. Shobibah looks enthusiast with her secret. Who would ever thought, Dr. Martha’s hobby to drink jamu is also her habit. Their conversation became more interesting when it comes to jamu and its benefits.

“Jamu is a wealth identity of Indonesia that has so many benefits to our health and beauty, therefore I drink jamu regularly since I was young,” Dr. Martha explained. She also said that her concern to Indonesia herbal and jamu preservation is manifested with Kampoeng Djamoe Organik Martha Tilaar (KaDO) establishment in Cikarang. That garden is a place where the company develope and preserve aromatic, cosmetic, and medicine plants.

Not only talk about their traditional favorite drink, they also bring up woman’s role in the family and society as their topic. For them, a woman should be able to empower theirselves and encourage life spirit to people around her. This is, however, indeed not a heavy meeting. Just some warm yet meaningful talks between friends.