Culture Inheritance Preservation Through Laskar Jamu Gendong Festival

Last week (21/4), coincide with Kartini Day, Martha Tilaar Group contributed in supporting Laskar Wanita Jamu Gendong Festival that held by Taman Mini Indonesia Indah (TMII). This support is also as Martha Tilaar Group’s way to give real contribution in Indonesia culture and tradition preservation and women empowerment, which in accordance with two from four pillars of Martha Tilaar Group called Beauty Culture and Empowering Women.


Festival Laskar Wanita Jamu Gendong


This Laskar Wanita Jamu Gendong Festival was held as an appreciation for Indonesian women who want to be independent person who can increase their life quality by making and selling herbal drink or jamu. Laskar Wanita Jamu Gendong Festival followed by 100 jamu sellers from JABODETABEK. Jamu making competition also held in order to enliven the festival and there were about 70 participants to follow this competition. There were two kind of jamu that included in the competition, Beras Kencur and Kunyit Asem. The winner judged based on taste, hygiene, serving technique and looks. Through this event, Martha Tilaar Group wish that Indonesian people, especially young generation, will give more concern to preserve Indonesia culture inheritance, including jamu.