Martha Tilaar Group Handed Over Donation to Tambora Fire Victim

On last Sunday (1/04), there were 34 family in Jembatan Besi, Tambora, West Jakarta, had become fire victim. Not only burnt down dozens of houses in that densely populated area, this accident also caused sorrowfor the victims. In order to reduce the burden of the victims, yesterday (5/04) Martha Tilaar Group team came to visit them to hand over the donation.

Martha Tilaar Group Bantu Korban Kebakaran Tambora

“To represent Dr. Martha Tilaar and our company, my team and I are visiting Tambora in order to give the donation to fire victims. This may not much but we do hope this donation will be well received and give benefit to Jembatan Besi people, especially those who suffer from this fire accident. We wish you all health and patience,” said Palupi Candra, Head of Corporate Communication of Martha Tilaar Group, whom lead the team to Jembatan Besi.

In the visitation, she handed over foods, bath kit, and school uniform for kids who happen to be in examination season. This donatioan directly accepted by the head of hamlets, Taryo, and witnessed by the residents. Through this donation, Martha Tilaar Group want to cheer up and encourage Tambora residents to rebuild their life.