To Optimize Corporate Relationship, Martha Tilaar Group’s Business Unit Built Collaboration

As the company umbrella of many unit businesses, Martha Tilaar Group always feel the needs to push and encourage collaboration and connection between its unit business. The objection is to boost the synergy between them that will bring positive impact for the company. To start the collaboration, Martha Tilaar Group regurarly hold a trisemester gathering that attended by all unit business, PT Martina Berto Tbk, PT SAI Indonesia, PT Cedefindo, PT Cantika Puspa Pesona, PT Martha Beauty Gallery, PT Creative Style, PT Kreasi Boga Primatama, and PT Sinergi Global Service.


Maksimalkan Hubungan Corporate


The main agenda of the gathering is to share knowledge and latest progress related to each unit’s business to all the participant. This sharing session hoped to encourage idea and give inspiration one to another, so every unit could support each other. Beside idea and progress exchange, the gathering also presents a competent external speaker for business or motivation development workshop.

On the gathering that has just been held (21/2) and attended by head of division unit board of Martha Tilaar Group, also held Best Performance Company chosen for Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 for some categories like sales and PTB. In 2017, company who received Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4 appreciation for all categories is PT KBP, they deserve to bring the trophy, meanwhile for Best Performance 2017 is achieved by PT Cedefindo who also could bring the trophy. The appreciation of work performance becoming one of Martha Tilaar Group’s ways to keep motivate the employees in doing the best for the company.