Here They Are: Eleven Perempuan Inspiratif NOVA 2017

Finally, Perempuan Inspiratif NOVA 2017 (Inspiring Women of NOVA) has been held on Saturday (02/12) in Santika Premiere Hayam Wuruk Hotel, Central Jakarta. With Najelaa Shihab, as education actiator who is also the alumni of PIN 2011 and NOVA team, Vice Chairwoman Martha Tilaar Group Wulan Tilaar bestowed to these eleven inspiring women in technology, healthy, education, environment, and art-culture field.


Perempuan Inspiratif NOVA-2017


These are the name of the winner of Perempuan Inspiratif NOVA 2017:

1. Teknologi and Woman: Nurul Tristiati

2. Healthy and Woman : Astriani Dwi Aryaningtyas and Luh Ketut Suryani.

3. Education and Woman : Jemimah Mey Tanjung and Patmawati.

4. Environment and Woman : Martinah and Endang Rosjiani

5. Art-Culture and Woman: Diah Kusumawardhani and Averiana Barus

The winners were direcly chosen by the judges and through Editor’s Choice, for these inspiring women were featured in NOVA along 2016 to 2017. 

According to Wulan, PIN 2017 candidates are varied in their field and very inspiring. “Nowadays, Indonesian women are more aware with their capability in giving benefit for theirselves and people around them,” says Wulan.

Before the final day, all finalist of Perempuan Inspiratif NOVA 2017 also had a chance to follow sharing session with Dr.(H.C) Martha Tilaar. In this session, Dr. Martha encourage them to dare chasing their dream, empower and success in their field.