Another Side of Chairil Anwar from the Stage

The name of Chairil Anwar is indeed a familiar name for every literature lover. During his lifetime, this Indonesia legendary post whose also known as Si Binatang Jalang (the Wild Beast) has born some famous anthology such as Kerikil Tajam dan yang Terampas dan yang Putus (1949); Deru Campur Debu (1949); Tiga Menguak Takdir (1950 with Asrul Sani and Rivai Apin); Aku Ini Binatang Jalang (1986); and so many more. Today, in order to reminisce the existence of Chairil, Titimangsa Foundation will held their latest show called Chairil’s Women– Perempuan-Perempuan Chairil.



Chairil’s Women will be held on November, 11 & 12, 2017 at Teater Jakarta, Taman Ismail Marzuki, Jakarta. Before the days, Titimangsa Foundation has held the press confrence first (31/10) at Galeri Indonesia Kaya, Jakarta. Produced by Happy Salma and directed by Agus Noor, Chairil’s Women which is a poetic biography tells about Chairil’s romance phase with four women that once came into his life.

Some of Indonesia shining stars will involved in theatre adapted by “Chairil” biography by Hasan Aspahani, they are Reza Rahardia as Chairil Anwar, Marsha Timothy as Ida Nasution, Tara Basro as Mirat, Chelsea Islan as Sri Harjanti and Sita Nursanti as Hapsah. Said by the producer, this theatre will tell another side of Chairil Anwar that public did not know. Appreciating this interesting show, Martha Tilaar Group though Sariayu, will be a part if this theatre as the official makeup partner. Go get the ticket here: