Lasmi, Jamu Seller Whom Trained by Martha Tilaar Group Successfully Bring Jamu to the Ministry


To make Indonesian women more capable in developing themselves, their family, and surrounding and give a contribution to boost the national economy are the Beautifying Indonesia visions that Martha Tilaar Group manifest through the application of company’s pillar which is Empowering Women. Until today Martha Tilaar Group still holds this commitment and has manifested it through so many empowering women programs, such as jamu seller empowerment.

One of the most successful jamu seller who trained by Martha Tilaar Group is Lasmi. Now she’s not just the General Chairman of jamu community called Laskar Jamu Gendong Indonesia but also the one who successfully bring this Indonesia herbal drink to the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Not many people know, Lasmu now provides jamu for the employees at the Ministry of Health office since 7 years ago, 2014 to be exact. She gives various jamu from jahe (ginger), kunyit asam (mix of turmeric and tamarind), beras kencur (mix of kaempferia galanga and rice) to jamu pahitan (mix of various kind of herbs) for free for the employees. Through cooperation with the ministry, Lasmi can earn 15-20 million rupiah from jamu. Now that’s not her only booth but as part of the contribution to boosting people’s health in this pandemic, she also opens at Pondok Indah Hospital, Wisma Atlet, and Persahabatan Hospital.

Her success story is a good example and motivation for other jamu SME who wants to increase their family income. Not just confident to bring jamu into the office area, she also built her own production house where she will produce all of her jamu in Pasar Minggu. “It’s still 75% on progress. I want to produce jamu on a bigger scale so it can be enjoyed by more people,” she said.    

Even though she’s a success, but Lasmi never forgets an important message that once told by Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar, that she should never act arrogant and to always remember those who still endeavor to build their business. That is then become the reason she willing to keep sharing by giving jamu training to motivate others. In collaboration with Kampoeng Djamoe Organik and Bintang Toedjoe, soon Lasmi will give training to jamu seller about the importance of taking good attention to the quality of the jamu they made. “It's important for jamu maker to use good quality and clean ingredients so the products have a fresh and delicious taste,” she continued. This training expects to help to increase family income for jamu seller, PKK, and Dasawisma members in Cirendeu, Tangerang, especially in pandemic time. Lasmi also transfers her skill in the making of jamu to her daughter, Desi, who once won the 1st National Champion for Food category in Pemuda Pelopor race held by the Ministry of Youth and Sport of Indonesia, as a representative for the Jakarta region.