The Visitation of Manpower Minister to Kampoeng Djamoe Organik


February (03/2) becomes one of the unforgettable months for Kampoeng Djamoe Organik, because we welcome a special guest, the Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah. This visitation is part of the work visit program to increase cooperation with the private sector. 

For information, the Directorate General of Training and Productivity Development (Binalattas) which is under and responsible to the Ministry of Manpower is actively established relationships and cooperation with various parties, one of those is Martha Tilaar Group. The collaboration that has been intertwined with Martha Tilaar Group before is training for instructors and the candidates of Asian Skills Competition (ASC), and the training for trade union family. Now the ministry through Binalattas hand in hand with Martha Tilaar Group to develop job training in agriculture major at some work training center, especially to produce cosmetics and medicine product. The development in the major is needed for the society need to boost their immunity and face the Covid19 pandemic.

The ministry will also in collaboration with Martha Tilaar Group to develop human resource competency in five tourism destinations, such as makeup artist, salon, spa therapist, and many more. Later, the hospitality major will be included in some of the work training centers of the ministry. 

The Founder of Martha Tilaar Group, Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar said, it is important to build a synergy between the government and the entrepreneur. It will encourage Indonesia to become a developed country. “If we can work hand in hand, together we involved in the agricultural and education major, the development will grow faster compared with if we work alone,” she said. On the visitation, Ida also spares her time to walk around the Kampoeng Djamoe Organik to see some facilities there, from the garden, Martha Tilaar Training Center, Djamoe Clinic, to the factory of Martha Tilaar in Cikarang, and plant a tree in Kampoeng Djamoe Organik.