To Announce the Changes of Management Structure, PT Martina Berto Tbk Held the EGMS


On Friday (10/2), PT Martina Berto Tbk has held the Extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders (EGMN). Held at Griya Cipta Wanita of PT Martina Berto Tbk, EGMS consists of two main agendas, which are the changes of management structure and to cater the regulations of Financial Sevices Authority (OJK) into the company’s articles of association as part of good corporate governance.

Related to the changes in the management structure, the company has approved the resignation of Kunto Widarto and Samuel Pranata from the director position. Meanwhile, to strengthen the director's team, the meeting decided to approve and appoint Kilala Tilaar as the director of the company. Before that, Kilala served as the director and commissioner in several unit businesses of Martha Tilaar Group, and also as the Innovative and Creative Director in Martha Tilaar Group. These are the new list of Martha Tilaar Group directors:

- President Commissioner : Dr. (H.C) Martha Tilaar
- Commisioner : Ratna Handana
- Independent Commissioner : Than Hong Tjhiang
- President Director : Bryan D.E. Tilaar
- Director : Kilala Tilaar
- Independent Director : Iwan Herwanto

This meeting also proposes the approval and restatement of the Company Articles of Association to adjust it with OJK regulation (POJK), which are:
1. POJK No.14/POJK.04/2019 about The Changes of the Financial Sevices Authority Regulation No.32/POJK.04/2015 about the Additional Capital of a Public Company by giving the Right Issue.
2. POJK No.15/POJK.04/2019 about the Plan and Administration of Public General Meeting of Shareholders
3. POJK No.16/POJK.04/2020 about the Administration of Digital Public General Meeting of Shareholders
The meeting has approved all the agenda above and stated that this EGMS will be effectively valid started on October 2, 2020.

At the same time, Bryan David Emil, the President Director of PT Martina Berto Tbk stated that until the end of 2020 the company will grow 2-3% compared to 2019. By doing so many activities and efficiency, the company optimistically predicts will be able to reduce the loss of the company.