Clean Beauty, Martha Tilaar’ Way to maintain its beauty products quality


Departing from its commitment to continuously develop only safe and good quality beauty products for its valuable consumer, in 2019 Martha Tilaar Group has launched a Clean Beauty campaign. Clean Beauty products are defined as products that mindfully created and produced without any proven or suspected toxic/dangerous ingredients. Furthermore, Clean Beauty products only use ingredients from reliable sourced which can be traced ethically and are made with the welfare of consumer and environment in mind.

Clean Beauty itself has become a trend in the United States and Europe along with the increase of  back nature trend as well as consumer awareness of social and environmental issues. Reporting from various sources the concept of clean beauty does not mean that the products certainly only use natural ingredients or free of synthetic ingredients all together. The synthetic ingredients can still be used as long as they are in accordance with the regulations that have been determined for cosmetic products.

Another essential factor is implementation of Clean Beauty Movement on research and product development process in laboratory, for example, the policy of not using test animals in all product development activities (no animal testing). In addition, the implementation of environmentally friendly production process (green process) must also be a concern, for example ensuring that all production waste is handled according to regulations before being disposed to the environment. Furthermore, the chosen of product packaging type is another thing that needs to be considered as it will give huge impact to the environment.

Thus it can be said, the Clean Beauty Movement is comprehensive activities from the selection of raw materials and packaging, the process of research and product development in the laboratory, the production process in the factory, up to final product that is ready to be placed on the market (green output).

Martha Tilaar Group has gradually removed ingredients such as parabens and sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) in its products. In addition for being free of materials that are considered potential to cause skin problems, Martha Tilaar Group’s products such as Sariayu, Mirabella Cosmetics, Caring by Biokos, and Organic Solutions have also incorporated some labels as indication of clean beauty products, such as halal label, no animal testing and dermatologically tested. Check and ensure you see those labels on the packaging prior to purchase to ensure you get the clean beauty products.